Services for companies and associations

Have you thought about your employees’ well-being and coping at work? Would you like to help them become stronger overall and offer tools to cope with everyday life?

Investing in the well-being of personnel has effects on job satisfaction, employee commitment, motivation and productivity.

Business service packages

Business services take place at Savonia’s Microkatu campus or at your company’s premises. Services can also be implemented remotely. VAT of 24% is added to all business services. The prices include travel expenses in the inner city of Kuopio.


You can choose the content of the lecture from the options below:

  • Nutrition
  • Mental well-being
  • Sleep and recovery
  • Exercise

In addition, the lecture package includes a practical part in accordance with the theme of the lecture. The lecture can be held in Savonia or at the workplace.

Price €150 + VAT 24%


Well-being for the body 3h

The service includes three different operating points. The contents of the themes are modified according to the wishes and needs of the company.

Lecture: Nutrition / Mental well-being / Sleep and recovery / Exercise

Gym guidance or guided muscle training

Recovery and relaxation

Price 300-450 €

2-3 hours of fun competing

Savonia Wellness and XR Center offer experiential wellness activities for working communities. There are two different packages to choose from in the service, combining virtual reality and fast-paced working together.

Survivor Savonia

A team competition that requires agility and ingenuity as well as strong teamwork.

Amazing Race Savonia

Campus orientation, where creativity, innovation and cooperation are put to the test.

Duration 2-3 hours. Price €350 + 24% VAT.

The service is implemented at Savonia’s Microkatu campus.

Experience a different and fun recreation day with your colleagues! Reserve your spot soon.

All-inclusive wellness package

The service includes a comprehensive well-being inquiry, initial measurements (body composition, muscle and endurance condition), functional lectures related to selected themes (4) and a summary of the training. Actions are based on the results of the well-being survey. The service can be implemented in the springtime and it lasts about half a year.


  • endurance exercise and muscle fitness
  • body care and mobility
  • body composition and nutrition
  • recovery and sleep
  • coping in everyday life

Ask the service coordinators for an offer for your company! For a company of 15 people, the service costs an average of €1,250 + VAT 24%.


With visits brought to the workplace, you will receive guidance on injuries and pain conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

Students arrive at the premises of the work unit for the day. In order to order the service, there must be four to six persons.

The visit includes:

  • health history survey
  • physical examination
  • directing exercises
  • home instructions

Order visits to your company for €140 + VAT 24%.


Posture for sedentary worker 1.5 h

How to help the body cope with sedentary work? Have you noticed physical pains, for example in your back? The program focuses on good ergonomics and takes it to a practical level through research and exercises under the guidance of the graduating physiotherapy students.

Max 10 persons.

Price €150 + VAT 24%

Work ergonomics surveys at the workplace

The ergonomics package consists of two meetings at the workplace. The package includes a two-step survey and a lecture. The service scans the well-being and working postures of the personnel at the group level, as well as the ergonomics of the workstations. An exercise program is drawn up based on the results.

Max. 12 persons

Price €500 + VAT 24%


The Inbody270 body composition measurement provides 40 values describing body composition. Everyone is given personal feedback after the measurement.

  • Duration: 1 hour (8-10 people) or 2 hours (16-20 persons) Price: €100/h + VAT 24%
  • All-day measurements 7 hours (45 persons) Price €350 + VAT 24%


The fitness mapping includes body composition measurement and endurance fitness scanning. The Fitware bicycle ergometer test measures the endurance condition of the heart and circulatory system. Based on the results, you get a personal exercise program for different areas of endurance with heart rate zone recommendations. The ergometer test is suitable for regular exercisers as well as health exercisers.

The service is only implemented in the premises of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Microkatu campus.

Duration: 45-60 min / person incl. feedback
Price €25/person + VAT 24%

Please ask the coordinators about leisure activities and group guidance services.

It is possible to customize and combine services according to the needs of your company. Travel expenses are added to the price of the service performed at the company’s premises. The services are offered in late autumn and spring according to the training schedules.